Everyone can call me Mary and I am the creator of CRE'S MIND & BODY PERSONAL TRAINING.

At the age of 14 I remember becoming aware of my health and wanting to not fit into a typical category of being unhealthy. I started focusing on how to be more active and what I could do to continue to improve my overall health and wellness as I got older. 

The joy of helping others inspired me to take what I learned over the years and help others even more. I first, became a Certified Aerobics Instructor and later trainer. Due to a hectic schedule I had to stop teaching and training, however, I continued my path of health and overall wellness and continued to help and give advice to others.

I missed helping others and decided to earn my certification as a Master Fitness Trainer, this gives me the advantage and the knowledge in five areas of specialization: Strength Conditioning, Nutritionist, Youth Fitness, Senior Fitness and Exercise Therapy.  

In addition, I am currently working on my Fitness Nutrition Certification. 

My main focus is helping clients to not just focus on weight loss, but to learn what works for them through building a comprehensive program to meet their short and or long-term goals. Which in the end will provide the clients with the knowledge and the necessary tools to sustain long-term if needed.